Who We Are

The Amazon Research Center for Ornamental Fishes (ARCOF) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit. It was established in the United States and governed by a board of directors. 

ARCOF is the first research facility devoted solely to the study of ornamental fishes sited on land located in the Peruvian Amazon.  This land, located 10 kilometers southwest of Iquitos, Peru, is the ideal location for the research center as natural springs flow year round and this area is not subject to the seasonal dry months typical of most Amazon regions.

We believe that through ongoing education and hands-on training the local fishermen will be able to establish and maintain breeding ponds for ornamental fishes thus creating a long-term, balanced ecosystem that serves the local economy and enhances and protects the environment.

Our Mission

To provide education and support research that will facilitate the development of sustainable ornamental fish aquaculture in the Peruvian Amazon resulting in sound conservation practices and improved economic development for the local fisherman


ARCOF’s educational programs will provide highly needed sustainable development models for the local fishermen, models which can change the inherent practice of overfishing, preserve the environment, highlight easily adapted affordable aquaculture techniques, and create worthwhile, sustainable, economic opportunities for current and future generations.

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Our mission and goals, which form the core philosophy of the research center, are integral to the types of research and projects the center will undertake. ARCOF is a non-profit, non-commercial research center and will not be involved in any efforts to raise and/or export its own fish to the domestic or international ornamental fish market.

Meet Our Team

Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Amazon Research Center for Ornamental Fishes (ARCOF). Ph.D. from Northern Arizona University in the field of zoology.

Dr. Anthony A. Mazeroll

Co-Founder and Executive Director of ARCOF
Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Universidad Nacional de Amazonia Peruana (UNAP) and is finishing a Master’s in aquaculture.

Mr. Carlos Chuquipionda

Co-Founder and Resident Director of ARCOF
Master in Aquaculture Health, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Lima, Peru. Veterinarian, National University of San Marcos, Lima, Peru and is a Ph.D. candidate in fish pathology at San Paulo State University in Sao Paulo.

Mr. Fernando Carlos Ramos

Co-Founder of ARCOF

Board of Directors

Renee L. Mazeroll
RN, MSN, CFACCA, Secretary/Treasurer
Clay A. Farell
COO, MBA, FACHE, Board Member
W. Linn Montgomery
Ph.D., Board Member
Christine A. Krueger
M.A. Ed, Board Member
Teressa L. Polinski
RN, BSN, CEN, TCRN, MICN, Board Member
Jena Questen
DVM, CertAqV, Board Member