Mr. Fernando Carlos Ramos

Mr. Fernando Carlos Ramos is a specialist in tropical fish diseases.

Fernando Carlos Ramos received his Master’s degree in Aquaculture Health from the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (UPCH), his Veterinarian degree at the National University of San Marcos (UNMSM) and is a PhD candidate in Fish Pathology at the State University Paulista (UNESP) in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Prior to starting his Ph.D., Fernando was the vetenarian in charge of the health of ornamental fishes for Stingray Aquairum in Iquitos, Peru. Additionally, he was an inspector for the Peruvian Technological Institute of Production under the Peruvian Ministry of Production. In 2014 he was a specialist in the Sub Directorate of Aquatic Animal Health for the National Fishery Health Agency (SANIPES) where he was the head aquaculture inspector and travelled throughout Peru inspecting all the aquaculture facilities in the country.