Research Projects and Publications

Research Projects

•  The impacts of non-native Gouramis on native fishes in Iquitos.

•  Competition between guppies and killifish in the Peruvian Amazon.

•  Differential uptake of nutrients by emergent plants in aquaculture effluent water.

•  Reproduction of ornamental fish of the species Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma.

•  Comparative trials and cultivation of zooplankton for food of larvae of ornamental fish.

•  Reproduction trials of Apistogramma spp. in controlled environments, study of sex ratio.

•  Intensive production of protozoan infusoria for food of post-larval ornamental fish.

•  Tests of treatments for parasitic diseases in ornamental fishes.

•  Comparative treatments and doses of levamisole for the control of parasitic nematodes in ornamental fish.



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•  Ramos-EF, Guardia-C C, and Serrano-M E. 2017. Histopatholgical study in wild freshwater stingrays Potamotrygon motoro in the Peruvian Amazon. Comparative Clinical Pathology 1:1-5.

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