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The global climate is dependent on the health and safety of the Amazon rainforest. In Iquitos, Peru, the world has an opportunity to assist the local villagers in making a living in a manner that does not do further damage to vulnerable rainforest ecology through the implementation of the Amazon Research Center laboratory.

Research Facilities
ARCOF will be open to scientists throughout the globe to conduct research on the ecology and conservation of local fisheries and will include labs and dormitories to support students and researchers alike.
The pathology lab will undertake research on the diseases that are commonly found in the ornamental fish trade in Iquitos.

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Our efforts will support research on the state of the fish species in the region and strategies on how to help protect and increase their numbers.


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Demonstrate a Better Path for Fishermen in the Peruvian Amazon Basin

We have students conducting research at the facility for both their undergraduate and graduate degree programs from the Universidad Nacional de Amazonia Peruana and Soka University of America. Help these students conduct their research.

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